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Choosing Gorgeous Windows

Your house says a lot about you, which is why your choice of windows is so important. In addition to letting light into your home, windows also add a touch of shine to your home's exterior. Unfortunately, if those windows are closed off, dirty, or contain broken windowpanes, they might be sending the wrong message to visitors and potential home buyers. This blog is all about upgrading your current windows with brand new versions. Check out these articles to learn how to choose gorgeous panes that will meld with your existing home exterior. You might be able to transform your house simply by changing your windows.


3 Ways That Residential Window Tinting Will Benefit Your Home

Many people assume that once they have replacement windows, all they can do to save energy with them is to install blinds and curtains. However, you can also improve your windows with residential window tinting. Here are a few benefits that you'll experience by installing window tinting to the windows in your home.

#1 Cut Back On Solar Heat

One of the first benefits that you'll experience when you install window tints to your home's windows is a reduction in solar heat. Most window tints are designed to reduce the amount of solar heat that gets into your home. They do this by reflecting ultraviolet light away from your home, much like sunglasses.

By cutting back on the solar heat that gets into your home, you will be able to reduce the amount of heat that comes into your home and drives up your cooling bills in the spring and summer months.

#2 Less Air Lost

The next benefit you'll discover from using residential window tinting is that they help reduce the air that is lost from your home. Window tints provide an extra layer of protection to your windows. This helps keep the air inside of your home.

This results in less heat being lost through your windows when you are trying to heat up your home in the winter and also results in less cool air being lost when you are trying to reduce the temperature of your home in the spring and summer. The loss of air when you are heating and cooling your home can really impact your heating bill, and tinted windows can help reduce that impact and improve the cost of your heating bills.

#3 Get Rid Of Cold & Hot Spots

Finally, lots of energy is transferred through your windows. This can result in lots of hot and cold spots developing around your windows where you can feel the heat difference from outside. When you install window tints on your home's windows, you should be able to reduce these hot and cold spots and have more even temperatures across the window and in the home.

Installing window tint on your home windows will help you gain greater control over your energy costs. Additionally, as a bonus, window tints will also give you a greater degree of privacy as most window tints make it harder to look into your home when your blinds and curtains are not drawn.