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Choosing Gorgeous Windows

Your house says a lot about you, which is why your choice of windows is so important. In addition to letting light into your home, windows also add a touch of shine to your home's exterior. Unfortunately, if those windows are closed off, dirty, or contain broken windowpanes, they might be sending the wrong message to visitors and potential home buyers. This blog is all about upgrading your current windows with brand new versions. Check out these articles to learn how to choose gorgeous panes that will meld with your existing home exterior. You might be able to transform your house simply by changing your windows.


Wood Windows Remain A Good Option For Some People

These days, more and more customers are choosing vinyl and composite windows for their homes. Wood windows used to be in almost every home in America, but lately, they seem to have taken a back seat. Does this mean wood windows are now obsolete? Not at all! They don't work for every homeowner, but there are some scenarios in which they can be a perfectly suitable option.

Wood windows work when you want to preserve a home's original appearance.

You can find composite and even vinyl windows that are made to look like wood, and from a distance, some can be pretty convincing. But close-up, most people will realize they are not real wood windows. If you want your home to have its own authentic, traditional appearance from any angle, then wood windows are the way to go. This is especially true of Craftsman homes, in which all of the elements are made from natural materials. Anything other than wood windows would detract from the whole architectural theory behind the Craftsman design.

Wood windows work if you're willing to do some maintenance.

The primary reason why homeowners are increasingly choosing vinyl and composite windows is because these windows require very little maintenance. However, the amount of maintenance wood windows actually need is often over-stated. All you really need to do with wood windows is scrape and paint them every couple of years. There are plenty of services that will do this for you if you do not have the time or energy yourself. If you like the look of wood windows, then this is a small sacrifice to make for that look.

Wood windows can be made to be more energy-efficient these days.

If you are picturing old, leaky wood windows, then it makes complete sense why you would want to avoid them. Here's the thing, though: today's wooden windows are made to be so much more energy-efficient than those of yesteryear. For one, new wood windows should not leak as they'll be made to fit tightly within the window frame. Also, today's wood windows can be built with little strips of a foam insulating material around the edge, so even if the wood starts to warp a little, the window still won't leak.

Wood windows may not be as common as they once were, but they remain a good option in certain scenarios. Reach out to a window replacement company near you to learn more.